Since 2006, our team has helped dozens of medtech innovators advance their vision on a large variety of device and diagnostic projects:




Drug Delivery Platform (In Stealth Mode)

Uterine Lavage System for Blastocyst Recovery

Cardiovascular Assist System (In Stealth Mode)

Neuromodulation System (In Stealth Mode)



Breast Biopsy Device

Cervical Cap Insertion Device

Non-coil Based Device for Cerebral Aneurysm Treatment

Endoscopic Clip Applier

Endoscopic Monopolar Hook Knife

Endoscopic forceps

Endoscopic dialator

Delivery catheter for a wireless pacemaker

Large Bore Closure Device

Orthopedic Instrument for Removing Nucleus Pulposus

IVUS Device

Hand-Held Motorized De-capping Device

Multi-axis Deflectable Cardiac Catheter

Robotic Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection System

Implantable Tongue Advancement Device for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Implantable Counter-pulsation Heart Assist Pump

Extracorporeal Blood Pump System

Thrombectomy Removal Catheter

Endovascular Coil Detachment Handle

Laparoscopic powered surgical stapler

Pap Smear Device

Endoscopic RF Bipolar Grasper

Glucose Monitoring Interstitial Fluid Extraction Device

CO2 Detecting Endotracheal Tube

RF-based Dermatologic Device

Computer-aided Total Knee Replacement System

Nitinol Clip-based LVAD Cannula Attachment Device





Neonatal Diagnostic System (In Stealth Mode)



Capillary Electrophoreses Detections Systems

Molecular Systems PCR Based Blood-Banking Instrument

Laser Cell Capture Microdissection System

Thin-Film Semiconductor Hydrogen Sulfide Sensor

Laser Capture Microdissection System

Label-free DNA Sequencing System

Sensitive High-Throughput Screening System for Drug Discovery

Mercury Analysis Systems

Purification, Hybridization, PCR and Microarray Reader